What To Pay Attention To When Comparing Microwaves

Whether you only heat a glass of milk in the morning or you prepare a pre-cooked pizza, you can save a lot of time if you use a microwave. At the same time, the entire operation is very convenient and comfortable. The microwave exposes the water or fat molecules to electromagnetic waves. They automatically heat up if they move fast. This is the operating principle. But when it comes to choose the right unit, you will be surprised by the wide array of products. Not sure what to do first? Reach to Oven Shopper and read a few reviews regarding the best selling products. Moreover, pay attention to the most significant things in the process.

Power and watts

The power of a microwave is expressed in watts. Normally, most units float around 700W to 1,200W. You can find both bigger and smaller alternatives, but they are quite rare. The more power your microwave has, the faster it heats up and the quicker your food is ready. Trying to find the ideal rapport for price and quality? Most people opt for 1,000W of power.

If you only use the oven to heat a glass of milk or a plate of food every once in a while, you do not necessarily need a large unit. The same goes for popcorn sessions. Normally, a 700W power can tackle your needs in no time.


The microwave capacity is measured in liters. The smallest microwaves measure around 17 liters. The high end ones can go to 30 liters. The capacity plays a very important role if you actually use the microwave very often for all kinds of foods. If you mostly need it for a coffee or a bowl of soup, investing in a large capacity is irrelevant. Large models are more appropriate if you are planning to actually cook with them. In this case, you should also ensure that your microwave has a grill. Grill based microwaves have special functions that allow more sophisticated recipes.

Control panel

The control panel in a microwave can be digital or mechanical. Digital panels are mostly available in medium and high end products. The panel displays the time, as well as timing requirements. Startup microwaves are basic and come with mechanical control panels. You normally have two major controls. One of them allows you to set the program, while the other one works on the overall duration. In case the digital panel does not come with other fancy displays or features, there are obviously no major differences between the controls.


Most microwave units have heat and defrost functions. More complex products have special cooking modes too – fish, pizza, stake and so on. You do not have to be scared by a cheap product with two or three buttons, especially if you only need the microwave to heat specific drinks and foods. The heating technology is extremely efficient, while 90% of all basic microwaves will ensure a pretty good job within a minute only, so there are no concerns.