Three Materials for Making Wheelbarrows

The purpose of this guide is to help you purchase the right wheelbarrow when you hit the market. There are already more than 30 types of wheelbarrows in the market and your ultimate choice depends on the application. Whether you want a simple design or a sophisticated version, you should know its effects on your budget and on the work you are about to do.

With many manufacturers at home and overseas providing a vast range of the products, it is advisable to know what you want. Wheelbarrows are available in different types, models, and prices. By reading top reviews and guides on the products, you could acquire more information about them.

While the design has remained almost the same over the years, it is possible to find new models in the market with contemporary variations. The following are some of the materials that manufacturers use to make wheelbarrows.


Steel is a strong material and wheelbarrows made of it can stand heavy tasks. They are also durable. Such machines are suitable for working in rough conditions with materials falling on the wheelbarrow. The metal is strong enough to withstand cracks and bends. You can make a steel wheelbarrow more durable by not exposing it to harsh weather elements that could make it rust or wear. When it loses its color, you could also repaint it.

A rusty wheelbarrow made of steel can function just perfectly while a plastic version cannot. However, despite its durability and strength, a steel wheelbarrow is heavy and requires more upper body strength.


If you need a wheelbarrow to perform just light work in your backyard, a plastic version could just be the best option. This type of wheelbarrow is lighter and even young children can push it. Plastic is cheaper and non-corrosive. However, let not price be the sole reason for buying a plastic wheelbarrow. For example, if you have to buy two plastic wheelbarrows within a short period, you could instead buy one metallic version that could last longer.

Motorized wheelbarrows

These types of wheelbarrows are the most expensive, costing up to more than a thousand dollars. However, they allow you to carry loads with ease. In addition to the high price tag, the machine may be difficult to fix when it breaks down. All the same, with good maintenance, you can find a better option for pushing heavy loads using a motorized wheelbarrow.