The Best Social Media Bots on the Web in 2018

Do you want to grow your social media channels without spending to much time on it? Yes? Then the answer is to look into bots for the most popular platforms that we know today, that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube of course so without further ado here are the best bots for those five platforms:

Facebook Dominator

This bot definitely beats the rest by a long shot and perhaps that is because this is the only bot I could find, the search results were truly diluted by chatbots but I’ve run into this one before and it does everything you want it to do. Things like automatically adding friends, commenting on posts, liking posts, and what not really, oh yes sharing of course. It’s also a great way to grow your Facebook group as while it’s adding friends to your list it automatically invites them to Facebook and even has the ability to join other groups and scrape and invite their members in bulk. Talking about all-in-one!

Twitter TweSocial

For Twitter, you definitely want to look into Twesocial as it’s the best-rated bot out there. It’s actually an organic growth service that gives you the best of both worlds, automation and a natural profile of followers, not just fake accounts, the real deal is what you get here. The works based on the concept of following people and waiting for them to follow you back while simultaneously unfollowing the people that don’t follow you after x days. Exactly what you want to grow your audience.

Instagram Social Steeze

If you’ve been around Instagram for a while and did your research you probably concluded that Social Steeze is the most reputable since Instagress died. Personally I think it could be Instagress under a different name as that one definitely beat the crowd. They offer two packages priced at $38 and $99 respectively and for the larger package, you get a whole lot more automation for your buck.

LinkedIn Helper

If you are focusing on the B2B community then LinkedIn is obviously the place to be and what better way to do it with the help of a little bot that automates everything under the sun. Many people have recommended this bot at sites like Quora, one of the better review sites I know of. One of the core functions is that it sends out personal invitation messages to second and third contacts, eg people that know your existing contacts. This allows you to build a targeted mailing list and there are so many other options that I suggest you check it out yourself.