Styling Your Beard

You might regard the bead as an heirloom or your signature style, but when it comes to deciding to cut it off, you need to respect it. Let us look at the best ways to style your beard and then check out jaw shapes and what kind of beard suits you.

Styling Your Beard

When it comes to styling your beards, you will want to keep the shaping right on point. Make sure you remove any stray hairs that might spoil the style you have adopted. If you are looking for a smooth shave, then go for cream, gel or oil.

To get the best results when you decide to use cream, go for the one that lathers so that you know exactly what you are up to. To keep everything in place, make sure you remove any stray hairs now and again so that you don’t look shaggy. Always wash the beard to make it clean and neat.

Oblong/Rectangular Shape of the Jaw

You will opt for more length on the sides and then less below the chin. You can even go for stubble that runs all around your face. This will give the illusion of having a fuller face. It prevents your face from looking longer than it already is.

Square Jaw

For a square jaw, you need to void thick beards that are full. Go for a beard style that grows downwards on the bottom of the chin to give the face a long silhouette.

Round Jaw

As with square face shape, you are looking to grow a longer beard at the bottom so that you can make your face longer. A fuller beard, on the other hand, will only serve to make your face wider. If you can’t grow a long beard, trim the sides so that you can emphasize an existing shorter beard. A goatee would also serve you just fine.


If the jaw comes in thicker than the brows, it is best not to go to extreme length with facial hair because this will bring out the difference further. Instead, go for a clean shave using a shaver from a source which can be trusted  so that you keep things neat at all times.


Your beard can define how you look. This is the reason why you need to identify the best style and stick to it. Take time to trim the beard the right way, and you will have a winner every time.