Retro Gaming and the Rise of Speedrunning

Although many people had considered games of yore to be a thing of the past, many gamers have recently taken an interest in revisiting and mastering old games – and then competing against each other to see who can beat the game fastest. In some games, players will utilize small faults in the coding to skip entire sections, while others choose to simply focus on pure mastery of running, killing enemies, jumping on walls and, ultimately, beating each level as fast as possible with finesse and skill.

Favorite Games from the Past – With a Modern Twist

Many of us who loved the games from old consoles, like the Sega Genesis or Nintendo 64, will remember taking days, weeks or even years to complete certain games. This is what makes speedrunning so enthralling, as players go beyond the simple concept of just being good, and actually master the game with countless hours of practice and an endless amount of failed attempts. The world of speedrunning is also surprisingly versatile, as some players choose to focus on one single game and defend their title from newcomers who find new techniques and tricks to get faster times, while others spread their focus and try their hands at various games, often competing in “Random Races” and other multi-game challenges.

Growing to an International Scale

The popularity of speedrunning has slowly been gaining traction over the past six or seven years in particular, with international events like Awesome Games Done Quick, or AGDQ for short, attracting hundreds of thousands of online viewers each year. These events almost always focus on charities, and the 2017 event in January actually managed to raise over $2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. To many older generation gamers, this is heartwarming, as it shows how many people still love the games of the past, and, despite being graphically outdated, how these games can still offer the same challenge and enjoyment that they used to provide in the past.

Here at Retro Pool, we are passionate about games from the past, and are so excited to see speedrunning gain such a large following in such a short amount of time. If you are eager to get into speedrunning yourself or simply want to get a console to play some of your favorite games from previous generations, don’t hesitate to search online and check out review sites like ours to find the best console for your nostalgia-gaming needs.