Reasons Anime Nerds Live a Highly Satisfying Life

Indeed, those somewhat weird Japanese cartoons are appealing, don’t you think so? It’s not just you.  As it turns out, “normal” adults around the world love them too. In fact, for the otaku, (anime and manga super fans) the animation is more than a hobby – it’s a way of life. Here’s why;

They Get to Enjoy Color at its Best Regularly

Many anime shows offer unique art styles, complete with vibrant colors to keep viewers glued to the silver screen. Studies show that regular exposure to beautiful colors can have a positive impact on your mood and increase your ability to focus.

Sure, not every anime has bright colors. Even then, many are intriguing, and there’s every chance that you’ll get impressed with whatever hues the artist decides to use.

They Learn New Things Regularly

While you may come across Korean and Chinese anime-like shows, a standard anime is Japanese. By extension, this means that there’s a lot to learn about Japanese culture, especially if you come from a different part of the world. Many anime showcases what goes on in Japan with English subtitles to communicate to a bigger audience.

They Aren’t Afraid to Imagine Things

You must have an imaginative mind to enjoy anime.  Many shows feature incredibly crazy concepts and make-believe scenarios that can’t happen anywhere.

NarutoShippuden, one of the most popular anime, for instance, features a light-hearted teenager who gets his energy from a giant fox demon residing inside his body. Attack on Titan, on the other hand, shows a group of residents trying to survive giant, naked cannibals that are eating everyone in the town.

Anime nerds aren’t scared by horror movies and can handle more fiction than an average person. In essence, this means that they’re more open-minded than their counterparts who don’t watch anime. On that note, look at this selection if you want to have a feel of how imaginative amine shows can get.

They Have a Better Sense of Direction

True, anime has a slightly unrealistic nature. However, most shows strive to teach viewers a lesson or two on how to deal with real-life situations. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, for example, explores themes related to corruption, death, and kinship.  Show Art Online leans toward constructing human perceptions of reality and what makes a person unique.

They Treasure Friendship

Friendship is a primary concept in anime.  Many shows highlight the need to make and maintain good relationships. They emphasize the importance of keeping things cordial, and that’s the reason most anime nerds appreciate the real friends they have.

They Know How to Deal with Bad Days

Everybody has a bad day at some point. Yes, that’s when you don’t feel like doing anything. You think everyone is annoying and can hardly go to work.

Anime offers a perfect solution for such days. No matter what you feel like, watching a Japanese animation will change how you think. Remember, anime provides a host of genres, some of which are funnier, sci-fi, and serious than others. The long and short of it is that you can always find something to inspire you with hope or take care of your bad mood.

They Believe Nothing is Impossible

One of the most compelling reasons for watching amine is the level of the surprise it has to offer. Of course, some episodes are superstitious, while others are believable. But, to anime nerds, this translates to a world where everything is possible.

They Can Make New Friends Quickly

As stated, anime is all about friendships. Anime lovers learn how to interact with strangers and most importantly, create bonds that can last.  Plus, the fan base extends far and wide, from Japan to Britain and the United States, making it easy for people from different parts of the world to connect.

The Bottom Line

See? There’s every reason to start watching anime. And, don’t think that this is child’s play. No! The benefits of watching Japanese animation are many – you only need to figure out what works for you and your age bracket. Also, don’t forget to check out new releases every once in a while so you can know what’s trending.