Instagram Marketing Strategies For Your Brand

Even though Instagram is one of the main social platforms based on the number of users, many people do not know how to use it for marketing. Most of these people think that all you need is graphics and a caption and you are ready to make a sale. However, this is not true because you need to dedicate more effort to this cause. The following are simple Instagram marketing strategies to win new customers

Be part of a community

Social platforms give you the chance to form a close-knit relationship with other users. For instance, when you use industry-specific hashtags, you become part of that community. You thus interact and become a family with people you have never met. You can also participate in Instagram campaigns and contests that are very common. Such forums give you a chance to know new users and attract them to your profile. Commenting and liking other people’s content also gives you a chance to engage with other users.

Use hashtags creatively

A good graphic with a winning caption can sometimes win the hearts of those who come across your post. However, Instagram shows the most recent and most interactive posts on timelines which means that people might not land on your content. You can make your content more visible when you use hashtags as it makes it easy for people to land on your content. There are many actionable approaches you can use to make your content more visible. You can start with popular hashtags such as #motivation that people use across various industries. You can also use non-popular hashtags that will only attract few but targeted users to your page.

Use automation tools

The process of creating an outstanding Instagram profile might not be that easy. Remember that you still have a business that needs your attention while the social world is still demanding. Instagram bots can relieve you some of the duties such as engaging users, searching for followers, hashtag research and posting. The only thing you need is an in-depth review of some of the best bots as Bumped IN provides.

Optimize your profile

A quick scan at your profile should tell who you are and what you do. Use the bio section to describe yourself in a few words and also link to your other sites. You can also use hashtags that people are familiar with on your profile. You can also watermark your profile picture with your logo.