How to install LCD TV on the wall.

If you have just bought the LCD TV, then it is time to install it. There are a lot of places where you can place or install it. However, when your apartment is not so huge or you do not have a free place it is very convenient idea to install TV on the wall. In fact, wall installation is very popular. It allows saving space, and the TV will visually not dominate in your interior.

One of the ways is to invite professionals for installation. Of course, the staff will be able to make it qualitatively and correctly. However, it will be costly. If you have spent all money upon purchase of the TV, then the quite good idea is to install it by yourself. It is not as difficult as it seems. Therefore, you will cope individually.

As soon as you decided where you plan to install the LCD TV, it is necessary to use a stud finder (find more about this tool at Stud Locator). Does not matter how to install the TV if you have chosen incorrect place.

Use a stud finder to be sure that wall fastening will be located by rules. Only this way you will be able to install the screen safely.

As soon as you found racks and designated the place for installation of the TV, you are ready to the installation of wall fastening. It needs to be fastened to a wall as it is possible a large number of bolts.

The more fastening points, the smaller weight are the share of everyone. If you have a wall fastening fastened to a wall, can consider that you almost finished with the installation of the LCD TV.

After the LCD TV is fixed on fastening, you have to include it in the socket and connect. You need to find a way to hide wires. It can be done, having drilled for them a trench in a wall, or some other way.

At last, irrespective of your self-confidence in the knowledge and capabilities of installation of LCD TV on the wall, it is better to ask someone from acquaintances or neighborhood for the help. Does not matter whether he will hold the TV during installation or will help with the ideas and offers. The presence of the assistant will make the process safer and efficient.

Tutoring how to install the TV is the last step in the long-lived process of receiving ideal television. You already conducted researches on technique types, found a shop in which make a purchase, decided on the model and, at last, fixed the screen on a wall. In addition, when this task will be done nothing remains for you but to receive a pleasure from a new LCD TV!