How Is an Automation Tool Like Your Very Own Virtual Assistant on Instagram?

A virtual assistant’s work is to help you with all of your appointments. Typically, she’ll take care of calls, e-mails, summon notices, meetings, basic administrative work, and more.

Simply put, a virtual assistant is one who will make your life better by lessening your load.

If you’re on Instagram, why not get a virtual assistant of your own? Let an automation tool come to your rescue.

It handles accounts.

An Instagram automaton tool will help with account management. It will help you gain followers, get likes and comments, and grow your account as you please.

Do you own multiple Instagram accounts? Well, there you go. Having multiple accounts is another reason to get an automation tool.

From one program, you can oversee all your accounts. And then manage all of them right then and there!

It schedules tasks.

Much like a virtual assistant would, an automation tool will give you a hand with your schedule. With its magic, you can be organized and then stay that way.

Here’s an example. If you have an important family affair in a couple of days, you can rely on an automation tool for a quick fix.

Particularly, an automation tool that works as a planner and scheduler will allow you to upload content. And once the content is in its records, you can create a schedule, which lets the content be auto-posted on according to this schedule.

It greets people & responds to questions.

An automation tool can also send an automated message to new followers. The moment he hits the Follow button on your profile, some Instagram user is bound to get a welcome.

A virtual assistant, when tasked, is set to do the same. Before random people can get to you, your assistant will first give them a greeting.

And if the people on Instagram keep raising general concerns about your brand to you, an automation tool will take the stage on your behalf. The tool will send an automated message that will enlighten the Instagram community regarding their concerns.

Answering general questions can be time-consuming, but you need to do it to keep up with brand engagement. Just think of it as a need to put up a FAQs section.

The Bottom Line

It’s inarguable — and even the experts agree — that using Instagram automation is one way to improve your account’s (or accounts’) current standing. Especially if your productivity level seems to be going downhill, it’s suggested to get the necessary help.

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