Details and Specifications Regarding the New Electric London Black Taxi

There is no question that seeing the traditional black taxis of London definitely evokes memories from those who are familiar with the city. They have become a fixture in The Swinging City, and perhaps you and your family have taken rides in these picturesque big black taxis. But now, there is a new kid on the block, and although it still promises that same unique feel, it also will be a safe alternative for the environment of our planet.

Let me introduce you to the Electric London Taxi TX eCity, and after we tell you all the information you wanted to know about this unique model, you are sure to become a belief in this remarkable London taxi option.

First of all, it is important to realize that the TX eCity is a member of an efficient new generation of this iconic London vehicle. Why is it so efficient? Well, the biggest hint would have to be in looking at who is touting this new vehicle.

Considering that it was presented at the 65th annual Great London Smog at Battersea Power Station, it definitely has developed a solid reputation for being not only convenient for transport but safe for the environment as well.

The next important consideration is that the new TX eCity black taxi also is excellent on maintaining their emissions. This new black cab has a range of 400 miles, but for the first 80 miles the cab will give up exactly 0 emissions. The rest of the way it will rely on petrol, but it has still been rated as green enough to keep London clean for a generation.

Moreover, if this new black taxi is anything like other electric vehicles, then almost all of the engine parts will have the ability to be fully recycled. Of course, these electric vehicles do use up a bit more emissions while they are being manufactured, but after about 18 months of driving they more than make up for it.

When it comes to being green, let’s do the math. Assuming a shelf-life of ten years, an electric vehicle such as the London Black TX eCity will emit 66,000 less carbon pounds than a conventional London taxi.

When you couple this with the fact that vehicle engineers are becoming increasingly adept at making sure these electric vehicles are comfortable for all passengers, you can definitely see the commitment to stewardship of our planet’s resources. We have a much brighter future as these new electric vehicles become more and more common.