Countries That Improve Their Armies Right Now: Is World War III Something To Expect?

Peace through strength isn’t a new thing. In a matter of fact, it is the oldest form of peace, and it never lasts too long, but it has a few advantages. In reality, this form of peace is used for personal gain and it is definitely something you are aware of. Maybe humankind is an advance in any way, but when it comes to warfare, we are the same as our ancestors.

Over the recent months, we were able to see several countries that are improving their armies and their warfare technology. On the website here you can get a complete idea about these ‘’improvements.’’

The United States army

When it comes to militaries across the planet, the United States are the absolute leader. With more than $600 billion budget for the military alone, and with a huge soldier figure, this country is one of the strongest.

Recently the president of the United Sates, Trump, announced that this isn’t enough. Apparently, they prefer keeping peace through strength.  As the answer, they are going to improve their defenses and offense. We can expect a huge increase of the army power in all areas. As we already know, this isn’t going to end soon. They continue to grow the military force indefinitely.

Australia gets a new aircraft

Besides the US, Australia is investing $250 million in importing their air force. Thanks to the EA-18G, a sophisticated airplane, this country is going to get some of the best capabilities regarding the airfare. We can see these planes flying already over the Australian soil. They do it because of possible threats in the area.

The EA-18G is one of the most advanced aircrafts today. It can intercept electrical signals, it can perform amazing stunts in the air and it is undetectable. The only country that uses this airplane is the United States. Australia became the second country to use it as well.

Royal Australian Air Force is going to be significantly improved thanks to this aircraft. It is expected that additional units and additional aircrafts come to this country soon.

These are not the only countries that improve their armies. North Korea, Japan, China, Turkey, Israel and many others are doing the same thing. Why? Is it World War III going to come anytime soon, or we actually need peace through strength?