Controlling Pests in Your Restaurant

Aside from leftover food, there are other kinds of leftovers in any restaurant. These must be properly disposed off to avoid attracting flies, cockroaches and rodents. The existence of these pests forms a major concern in any restaurant because they might end up affecting the health of employees as well as customers.

The presence of pests can chase away any customers and might place you in the bad books of the health department. It is therefore vital that you find a way to control these pests. Here are various approaches to this menace.

Regular Inspection

This is the first step so that you know where the pests are hiding. Inspection helps you know which areas need to be treated using pesticides. The inspection should bring out the various possible hideouts and identify the signs that you have pests in the premises. The signs include feces, flies, cast skins, eggs and other signs of infestations.

Check the floor drains, wall voids, garbage cans, electrical outlets, kitchen equipment and sinks. You also need to inspect appliances that have holes and furniture with cracks which can offer possible shelter for these pests.

Proper Sanitation

This is an important part of pest control. Make sure you clean your floor, garbage cans and kitchen surfaces. If you leave areas of your home dirty, you stand the risk of infestation.

Another way to prevent infestation by a host of pests is to have the right trash cans such as these from . Make sure you get cans that are the right size and that come with lids. The lids prevent the garbage in the can from attracting pests and flies.

Have a can at different points in the establishment. For instance, have a can in the kitchen, the washrooms, and place several cans in the main dining area. Make sure you empty the cans at the end of each day or when they become full.


Here, you prevent the pests from getting to your restaurant in the first place. To do this, you need to seal the establishment by making sure any openings are sealed and keeping the doors and the windows closed all the time.

In Closing

It doesn’t take a lot to attract pests to your restaurant. These pests not only pose a big problem to the health of employees and customers, but they also chase away your valuable clients. Make sure you prevent these pests from getting to your restaurant.