5 Qualities Of A Great Employee ID Badge

Employee ID cards have become an integral element in most companies. Today, it is almost impossible to access any company or organization without one. Most companies equip their staff with ID cards to streamline their processes and for safety.

Most businesses also use their employee ID cards for branding.  Getting your market to your products and services over the competition is not enough. Today’s branding is about solving problems facing your prospects.

So as you plan to design your ID cards, keep in mind that a good brand will:

    • Deliver a message clearly
    • Connect with your prospects
    • Motivate the prospects to purchase your product
    • Confirm your product’s credibility
    • Create customer loyalty

So before buying your employee badges today, here are five qualities to look out for.

High-Quality Card

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best ID card for your business. First, look at the material. Most cards use plastic material because they’re durable, cost-effective, and high quality.

Secondly, determine whether the ID badge you want should be one-sided or two-sided. Generally, a double-sided card allows you to add extra features, and important information.

Data Encoding

Most IDs have encoded information about the employee using features like barcodes, smart chips, RFID tags, and magnetic strips. These features allow business to sync their identification with facility access, time, and attendance programs.

When combined with card readers to either approve or deny entry, these cards can relieve you from hiring many security personnel in critical areas. You can use the money saved to grow your business since workplace security is taken care of.

Incredible Design

As mentioned earlier, your employee badge can be used to brand your business. As such, it must be meticulously designed to appear great and reflect the right image.

In addition, employee badges should be laid out in such a way that it conveys important information about your company in a simple form. Therefore, it should be easy to read and understand.

You might also want to use different features to represent different departments in your business. However, this is more beneficial to large businesses that offer a wide range of products.

Business Logo

Apart from marketing your business, having your logo in your employee badges ensure there is consistency in terms of font, color, and other elements. If ID forgery scares you, then consider using advanced security features, like a holographic overlay.

Employee Personal Information

Including employee information, such as their photo, name and job title makes it easy for security purposes and for easy identification. It’s worth noting that you have a small space on an ID card, so choose to include the most important and relevant information on it.

Photo identification is usually used on numerous identification documents, like an ID card, driver’s license, and a passport to improve their authenticity and security. In most cases, government personnel normally verify these documents by looking at the card and the person carrying them.

It is no doubt that employee badges play a vital role in business. Companies that use them are more likely to succeed in combating workplace security and promoting their brand.